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    Steven Tyler - Back on Drugs or Acting Like a Fool?

    Okay, when Aerosmith came out with their Permanent Vacation "album" years ago, it was rumored named that because it was supposed to be a permanent vacation from drugs.
    So, Tyler recently falls off the stage while dancing at a concert and the band ends up having to cancel several concerts.
    So, what do you think, is he back on drugs or just getting a little too old for what he was trying to do?
    I'll leave the opinions to you.....

    Here's a link to the video:

    What's hysterical is the band keeps playing.
    Reminds me of Mandy Patinkin singing "The Band Played On" on Chicago Hope.

    "Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde,
    And the band played on.
    He'd glide cross the floor with the girl he adored,
    And the band played on.
    But his brain was so loaded it nearly exploded,
    The poor girl would shake with alarm.
    He'd ne'er leave the girl with the strawberry curls,
    And the band played on."

    I could improvise:

    Tyler could dance on the stage with light feet,
    And the band played on.
    He glide cross the stage with the microphone stand,
    And the band played on.
    But he was so loaded, he fell off the stage,
    And the band played on,
    EMS came to get him off the floor,
    And the band played on.......


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    Re: Steven Tyler - Back on Drugs or Acting Like a Fool?

    He was old and it was at Sturgis. Hell, those two things alone open up a world of possibilities.

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