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    Stay off the ice


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    Re: Stay off the ice

    Wow. WTF is wrong with these people? Did someone put acid in their water supply?

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    Re: Stay off the ice

    I think the first guy was trying to get away with a hit and run...the hard part for him though was getting away with the 'running' part.

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    Re: Stay off the ice

    Where is that footage from???

    I like the guy with the video camera instead of telling anyone not to get in their car just hanging out documenting it for everyone else.
    Although I guess if you are stupid enough to thinkk that "Hey the last 10 people that tried this just ended up at the bottom of the hill in a pile, but I am a better driver than them so here goes!"
    You propbably wouldnt listen to a guy on the balcony anyway.

    What if your car was parallel parked down there what would you do?
    Let it sit and have everyone else play bumper pool with it, or try to move it and end up like the rest of them at the bottom of the hill.

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