Erinnn wrote:
marshallvike wrote:
When I saw you were a Hawks fan, I checked your profile and saw you were in FP.
And I lived in Forest Park for a couple of years in my 20's.
On Marengo north of Madison,(close to the bars, I still miss Horan's snugburgers), and also on Jackson next to the library.
You may have been gone for the Puhlford/Bill Wirtz years.They would not allow Hawks home games on tv. They lost a generation of fans then. Puhlford also had a hard time putting any kind of team together. Rocky has made all the right moves since he took over and has been bringing hawks fans back.
Crazy. I live on Marengo just north of Madison.
That's wild. I can't remember the exact address, but we rented the second floor of the second house north of Washington on the east side of the street. We used to open the window and sit on the roof of the porch drinking beers on nice days. We had alot of parties at that house.