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    Sports Teams Paint?

    Does anyone know what store it is that sells paint of the actual sports teams colors?
    The commercial on TV shows a guy painting a room in Washington Redskins colors I believe.
    When my fiance gets his basement finished we want to paint it in Vikings colors and decorate it with all of our Vikings/sports stuff.
    Just curious where to get this paint.

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    Re: Sports Teams Paint?

    You're thinking of a Home Depot commercial, I think:

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    Re: Sports Teams Paint?

    Home Depot.
    you can decorate rooms with team colors lol its fun

    edit: damn you beat me to it. stealing all the niceness.

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    Re: Sports Teams Paint?

    Just a few words of wisdom as I sit here in my Vikings room painted with Home Depot Team Colors.
    I love the purple, but I will be honest with you the yellow comes across as a little orangy (very gold).
    Unless I have all the lights up at full strength it actually looks like purple and orange.
    Living where I do about half of the people who walk in here ask if it is Clemson colors.
    You know down here they dont know that the NFL even exists.

    If you take something that is officially Vikings color like a helmet or a jersey, the gold is authentic and the right color, but if you are going to do a large area like I did one whole wall, the gold comes across very orangy.
    I almost thought about getting a shade that was more yellow after the fact.
    But I guess it is good to be official.
    I posted on a previous thread yesterday that I would try to take some pictures of the progress on the Vikings room to date and post them.
    I dont know if it will do the colors justice though.

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