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    Sports controversies

    Lately it seems like the sports page is full of stories about scandals and controversies even more than normal and with all of the money involved,which sport is being hurt the most by the controversy it is facing?

    To me it is the baseball scandal with performance enhancing drugs. The league could have and should have dealt with this issue many years ago but they were riding such a wave after the strike when Sosa, McGwire and Bonds started hitting all of those home runs, that they didn't want to do anything to upset the momentum and now,as Bonds is on the verge of breaking a very sacred record, a dark cloud will be hanging over the whole event and it will never be celebrated the way that sort of feat,if done by natural talent alone,should be celebrated.

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    Re: Sports controversies

    I think it's bulls being mean to cowboys


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    Re: Sports controversies

    I don't know, I think the NBA scandal is pretty bad with the ref because they influence the game more than people think. The performance enhancing drugs probably effect many sports and not just baseball, but an umpire in baseball can't effect a game the way a basketball ref can.

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