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    Speed racer was the s**t, AHHHHHH?!

    Ah yes, Speed Racer, a gem in the metaphorical sh*tpile of Saturday morning cartoons back in the 90s, such as Looney Toons, Batman, and Scooby-Doo. I mean come on, a talking dog with a speech impediment? Give me a break.

    Speed Racer had it all, action, comedy, drama, and explosions. Not only was it entertaining, but also taught kids the importance of safe driving. Using the correct turning signal, parking, and outdriving giant rivers of molten lava.

    But the genius doesn't stop there, the wonderful writers of our favorite animated show knew how to put todays drama movies to shame with one simple line, "Ahhh?!" This weapon of mass tension was added to every other sentence, taking the drama level of the show from about a 10, to awesome. Take this sentence for example, "Shh Sparky, we have to be quiet or we'll wake up the machete toting guards..." Pretty boring eh? Now try this. "Shh Sparky, we have to be quiet or we'll wake up the machete toting guards, AHHH?!" I can garuntee you, that situation will become a lot more tense and/or action packed after that.

    Despite the brilliant technicality of Speed Racer, you still have to appreciate something much simpler, in more than one way, James "Speed" Racer himself. Now Jamesy boy isn't your average protagonist. For one he has a super cool helmet
    [img width=256 height=192][/img]
    This helmet, with a distinctive "M" marking the forehead of it, leads to another one of our young hero's dazzling posessions, the Mach 5.
    [img width=310 height=238][/img]
    This baby's got a 3 million horsepower v20 and a half engine, quadruple rear suspension, and cup holders,
    [img width=200 height=230][/img]

    This information was based off of.....nothing. This car is so incredibly fast, that the sheer incredibly fast....ness of it drives every other car off the road during the first 10 seconds of the race, promptly making them explode afterwords.

    All in all Speed Racer owns everything.

    PS: Just kidding about Scooby-Doo, that show is awesome......besides the premise of the entire cartoon.

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    Re: Speed racer was the s**t, AHHHHHH?!

    ;D, never seen that one but it looks like it's well worth the watch.
    Between the helmet and the cup holder how could you go wrong?
    I typically used the premise of Scoobey Doo while watching Looney Tunes...maybe that's why I loved them so much.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Speed racer was the s**t, AHHHHHH?!

    Voltron was far superior to Speed Racer.

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    Re: Speed racer was the s**t, AHHHHHH?!

    Gotta give some love to the "Car Acrobatic Team"
    Captain Terror had those guys fired up!!
    I especially liked how they stacked all there cars on top of each other!!!
    Go Snake Oiler!!!!
    When All else least theres Football. Beer, and Women (not necessarily in that order)

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