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    Something that has PsychoViking a tad worried...

    With the recent signing of D.Smith to compete at saftey....I have read on the perverts playground (the internet) that if Smith does win a starting job at saftey then Sharper will be moved to SS.
    What has me worried is that Sharper is more of a finese player just as is D.Smith,and further more Sharper is NOT a SS.
    I am thinking that Sharpers body will not hold up as being a SS in the VIKINGS new Tampa 2 defense.Darren is the classic center field type FS.
    I am honestly hoping that D.Smith was signed to be the nickle back and not to be a FS.
    I can only hope that Tank Williams does a good job in camp and makes this all a moot point.
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    Re: Something that has PsychoViking a tad worried...

    Look in the Vikings forum, there's a thread discussing these very issues.

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    Re: Something that has PsychoViking a tad worried...

    I saw it mentioned briefly in the "No Guarantee" thread, maybe it's somewhere else on the 13 page thread. I guess I'm a little worried too PsychoViking, and maybe this subject deserves its own thread.

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