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    Re: Some Fans Should Stay Home

    Ooopsie! I pressed the wrong link & got something totally different! ops:

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Some Fans Should Stay Home

    "singersp" wrote:
    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    It must be wild games, I went to the preseason game against the blackhawks. There was a shootout and the fat slob behind me told me to sit down! This is supposed to be one the reasons hockey got fans to come back and this a-hole told me to sit down. Stay home if you are too fat to stand up!
    Again, this kind of talk pisses me off!

    A. He had no right to tell you to sit down. He should've known ahead of time that people are going to possibly be standing in front of him.

    B. You have no right to call a person that. What makes you think he was a slob as well?

    C. Just because a person is obese, doesn't make him any less of a fan than you. Youre idealism that obese people should have to stay home if they can't stand up is just plain wrong.

    D. This site is 5,176 people strong. Did you take the time to consider that you may be offending some of our members?

    I've been to many games. A lot of people come for the atmosphere of being their despite their physical or mental handicaps. I have seen blind people at games who enjoy them just as much as I do.

    Matters like these can be & should be handled tactfully, respectably & peaceably. Simply state your point of view & move on.



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    Re: Some Fans Should Stay Home

    "canadian_vikes_fan" wrote:
    This is the only one I could find, it's really small, but...

    EDIT: Web site not acceptable for PP.O.
    The clip wasn't bad. Stupid fan, alcohol had to have been involved.

    Steroid vs Alcohol ------- Steroid wins hands down in a fight.

    Adrenaline will kick alcohols butt any day.

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    Re: Some Fans Should Stay Home

    The peaple that complain about "fans" are the ones who sell their tix online to the opposing team's fans. !@##$*' sellouts!
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