[size=10pt]Soldier Helps Family Escape From Burning Home[/size]

Fridley, Minn. A Minnesota National Guard soldier home from Iraq only a few days rushed into his burning home last night to make sure his family got out safely.

Stephen Major heard the smoke detector go off late last night in his Fridley home. He ran inside and brought his oldest son out to safety. Major then ran back inside to find the rest of his family, but in the meantime his wife had run out with their other two children.

Major's wife Jessica says he got home from Iraq three weeks early and that she wouldn't have been able to get the whole family out if he wasn't home.

Fire investigators are on the scene this morning trying to figure out what started the fire. The Majors say there have a series of suspicious garage fires in their neighborhood.

The house is uninhabitable for now and the family is being assisted by the Red Cross.