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    So what does football mean to YOU?

    As autumn slowly approaches, along with it comes something else: Football season.

    I am not necessarily referring to the NFL or even the NCAA. It can be high school, pee-wee or even a league played by wannabe be NFL dreamers who get their football fix in a neighborhood close by. The fact of the matter is that football can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

    Now growing up in North Dakota also means that autumn is a beautiful time of the year. The colored leaves, orange skies, calm breezes and fresh smelling air all signify the arrival of the pigskin season. Having played football since the first day I could legally strap on pads, this wonderful pastime still has not left my mind and I am reminded of the glory days from way back in my own self-admired career whenever this time of year starts to creep up.

    Normally most people are not as fond of the fall as I am. It is normally the time when school starts, the weather is less friendly and when the sun goes down faster each day. Without football in my life this is exactly how I would feel. The worries of college starting and the fact I will be back to the mundane life of course work has no effect on me. The somewhat chillier weather makes me reminisce about all the times my mother had packed an extra turtle neck in my school bag for after school when football practice came around. It all just comes into play to not only excite me for a simple game, but for an entire magical time of the year.

    I will stand by this statement from now until the time I die - Football season has the power to take any pain away from my life and bring pure, unmatched joy into every aspect of everyday living.
    The friendships that I have made over the course of my playing time are still with me. The bonding time I have spent with my father and other relatives can only be gained by watching football - No other form of entertainment could ever compare. The feeling that overcomes me Saturday nights is similar to the one that I had as a child on Christmas Eve. Just knowing that when you wake up the next morning that the rest of the day will be pure happiness. Even if whatever team I am following happens to lose, I can at least get 3 hours of joy out of it.

    Before people start to claim that I am overly excited, have no life, or too "hardcore" let me explain that I do not solely feel this way just because of my beloved Vikings. This is all so much bigger than any one team in the entire world. This is more than the games themselves. This is about people from all over the country - wait - the world, coming together and standing behind something they believe in. How many of you have made friends - good friends - just off of P.P.O or because of tailgating parties? How many of you have just been standing in a line some place and spotted a person wearing a t-shirt or hat that had your teams logo on it, which prompted you make a comment about it? How many of you have made friends or acquaintances that you would normally never have talked to if it wasn't for football? Being a football makes you belong to something.

    Football to me is friendship, hopes and dreams, memories, joy, sorrow, and motivation. As the time of year changes, so does my outlook on life. Call me crazy, insane, overboard, or a moron. I'll just call myself a fan.

    What does this time of the year mean to you?

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    It represents Fall for me as well. I love the Autumn and most especially October. I count down the days until USA today releases it's NFL Preview. I just love it for some reason. Looking foreward to every sunday and the gut-churning feeling I get just before the 1st kick-off. It's kinda like my New-Year. Everything starts over. Best time of the year.
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    Great post Baumy! Summer for me is the best season, the only good thing about it ending is the fact that football (and soccer) starts up again. Football to me means staying up past midnight
    on a Sunday to watch the games, it means thinking back to the mid 80's when there was no live coverage and an hours highlights package was all the UK had. Football means coming here to find like minded individuals because all my friends knowledge of the NFL is limited to being aware of when the Superbowl is on.

    It means caring passionately about a team I have never seen play "live", it also means being worried that the same team could ever move from a place I have never visited. Football means hope that one day the ultimate prize will be ours after the crushing disappointment of listening or watching 3 Championship losses, even typing this is bringing back memories of 98.

    Yet if I was to use one word to define what football means to me it would be "love" because I genuinely love the game, why exactly I can't say. But what I do know it has kept me going during the cold and dark months for more than 2 decades now and it is a love affair that I am sure will never die.

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    So what does football mean to YOU?
    Life itself

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    So what does football mean to YOU?

    You get to watch people beating on each other and they don't get arrested for it

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    Football is meeting a lot of great people.

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    Re: So what does football mean to YOU?

    Its a lifestyle. Its a movement. You gotta get into the football world!

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