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    So close, yet so far from immortality

    and a little salt in the wounds on this fine Wednesday.

    [size=12pt]So close, yet so far from immortality[/size]
    By David Schoenfield, Thomas Neumann and Mike Philbrick
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    Updated: January 23, 2008, 3:12 PM ET

    For a team to enter the pantheon of greatness there is one minimum requirement needed to get in the front door -- a championship ring. Don't believe us? Just ask Marty Schottenheimer and his 5-13 record in the playoffs.

    So here are the 18 greatest teams (beware, Patriots!) that were cruising to immortality ... but took a detour to the world of Marty..

    3. 1998 Minnesota Vikings
    Record: 15-1, lost NFC Championship Game, 30-27 to Falcons

    What went right: Minnesota scored 556 points, an NFL record until the Patriots scored 589 this season. Randall Cunningham enjoyed the best season of his career, with a 106.0 passer rating, and Robert Smith racked up 1,478 yards from scrimmage. Cris Carter and rookie Randy Moss teamed up for 2,324 receiving yards and 29 touchdowns.

    What happened in playoffs: The Vikings cruised past Arizona in the divisional round before losing in overtime to the surprising Falcons. Minnesota kicker Gary Anderson, who made his first 39 field goals of the season, missed a 38-yarder near the end of regulation, allowing Atlanta to win in overtime. So unexpected was Atlanta's victory that The Miami Herald announced "Denver Broncos vs. Minnesota Vikings" across the top of an bulldog edition of its Sunday paper.

    Marty factor: Four. The Vikings boasted fantastic offensive weaponry, but the Falcons did go 14-2 behind Jamal Anderson.


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    Re: So close, yet so far from immortality

    Why oh why do we keep beating ourseves up by dredging up this stuff?
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: So close, yet so far from immortality

    I keep trying to forget about 1998, that just can't seem to happen

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