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Thread: Small Friend

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    Re: Small Friend

    Agh! I hate spiders!!

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Small Friend

    Whew I thought you were going to say your small friend was lemmiwinks..........

    We have those spiders in Utah catch em and make it fight stuff, it's the right thing to do.

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    Re: Small Friend

    Those things look NASTY! :shock:

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    Re: Small Friend

    "Redrouster" wrote:
    They are not poisonous. They can bite very hard and are very aggressive. They will crawl after you with their front legs in the air and their fangs open.
    No wonder alot of the people over there are so mean, they have to fight off those nasty things.

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    Re: Small Friend

    god... I can handle spiders, but I would not want to confront one of those!!

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    Re: Small Friend

    i dont even really like those like.. 1 inch big grey wolf spiders around here, one of those i'd like find a shovel and .... run screaming hysterically

    (oh, and for those that asked if its poisonous/can kill you, do you really think they would have ate them on fear factor if they were?)

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