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Thread: SKOL PPO!

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    Jut got a note from the NFL that PPO is now deep in the top 100 referrers to

    Lots of links out of the news section to them in their test to feed us Vikings news....this portends a lot more feedback and access with the NFL!
    Thanks for using the links on the site and reading the news here in the forums and in the News Center.

    I don't know if anyone got in on the conference call with NFL brass to ask questions about the league today here from the site, hopefully some folks followed the link.
    Cool stuff.


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    Re: SKOL PPO!

    WHOA... that's huge!!!

    I guess a lot of thanks should go out to Singer too!

    This is some very cool news, many congrats.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: SKOL PPO!

    how deep is deep?

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    Re: SKOL PPO!

    That is cool, hopefully the NFL treats PPO better than the folks.

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    Re: SKOL PPO!

    So we are in the top 100 NFL reference sites? HELL YEAH
    We're bringing purple back.

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