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    Skeletal Remains From 1958!

    Are there any missing person reports from before 1958 in the Fort Wayne, Ind area? We have a body of a probable hunter who really needs to be laid to rest. I think 49 years is way to long not to have been found!
    Remains found near Bedford in 1958 to remain unburied

    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    BEDFORD, Pa. - Unidentified skeletal remains found almost a half-century ago — nicknamed "Mr. Bones" by police — won't be buried anytime soon because Bedford County prosecutors still contend that they contain evidence of an unsolved crime.

    "It's really an unusual case," District Attorney William Higgins said. "But the bottom line is that you really have to preserve any evidence you have, just in case someone would come forward."

    The remains were to be buried in 2001 after Sheriff Gordon Diehl and his employees found a donated cemetery plot, gravestone and casket. Even a preacher had been lined up.

    But then-District Attorney Dwight Diehl got a court order to stop the burial and the remains were handed over to the state police. Police released an FBI composite sketch three years ago showing a 6-foot-4, 200-pound man with brown hair between the ages of 30 and 35.

    Crews installing a natural gas line found the body in October 1958 in a marshy area near a turnpike plaza in Bedford Township, about 85 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Authorities believe the man was shot in the head in 1956. They found a book of classic literature, a book of poetry, a shaving kit, a camp stove, a rifle and ammunition in the vicinity of the body.

    The rifle was traced to a gun shop in Fort Wayne, Ind. Police also found a large sum of cash with the body, leading authorities to believe robbery was not a motive for the killing.

    "We received calls from all over the country and everything we received we have checked out," said Trooper Joseph Kovel. "But we still have not been able to identify him."
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    Re: Skeletal Remains From 1958!

    in the wind......prosecutors...I hate em!
    the ultimate political pukes.....they are only doing that to make it look like they:

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    Re: Skeletal Remains From 1958!

    *continued...from above...

    1. Care.
    Look like they are better than the police.

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    Re: Skeletal Remains From 1958!

    Yeah thats pretty crazy.
    I wonder what happened.
    I am sure there are a million stories out there that haven't been solved.
    This one is interesting.

    Can they just bury the poor guy.....

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