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    Sixers beat T-Pups!

    On last second shot be Iguodala!!!

    T-Pups blow a 19 point lead in the process!

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    Re: Sixers beat T-Pups!

    well of course its the wolves were talking about they lose to everybody

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    Re: Sixers beat T-Pups!

    I'm a big wolves fan too....we need to make a trade big time.

    Thanks for the Sig LitlHarsh

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    Re: Sixers beat T-Pups!

    man ive never seen a team lose so many games because of blown leads and BS prayers at the mccants for artest, or else get steve francis in somehow..they lose so many games where the opponent doesnt even score 90 points, they would be blowing everybody away if they had decent offensive input from somebody other than garnett and wally
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    Re: Sixers beat T-Pups!

    yeah that was pathetic!!

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    Re: Sixers beat T-Pups!

    I saw it. Lousy T-Wolves, why must you suck?

    There was this one announcer who was saying something to the effect of how Garnett should be more like Iverson, and that he's not selfish enough (those weren't his exact words, but that's what the dumb@$$ was saying). Grrrrrrrr. Crappy announcers. I bite off their heads now. Chompy chompy.

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