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    Re: singer Ashanti dead?

    LMAO I guess that would have answered my question huh Prophet? You suck :cry: LOL

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: singer Ashanti dead?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    It was her cousin that was killed;

    [size=18px]Distraught Ashanti cancels concert after cousin's untimely death [/size]

    Posted on : Mon, 17 Apr 2006 19:02:04 GMT
    Author : Helen Steele
    News Category : Entertainment

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - American R&B star Ashanti has pulled out of a concert scheduled over the weekend after her cousin was been killed by a teen drunk driver in Johannesburg.

    Police said that Ashanti's cousin, 20-year-old Quinshae Snead was fetching something for the singer when her car was rear-ended by a 17-year-old drunk driver. Snead was flung out of the car and landed right in front of another car in the opposite lane, police added. Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said that the teen driver had stolen the car from his mother, “He was also under the influence of liquor,” he was quoted as saying by the South African Press Association.

    The teenager was hospitalized after being arrested for drunk driving. The driver of the car in which Snead was traveling was also injured and taken to the same hospital. Snead was Ashanti's personal assistant and they were reportedly very close to each other and lived together. Ashanti cancelled her weekend concert after the accident.

    The Johannesburg Star reported that Ashanti's family was devastated by the accident, "It has been very traumatic. They are not coping at all. You experience the death of a loved one in a foreign country. It has been difficult," promoter Morris Roda told the paper. The Grammy award-winning singer has sold over six million albums and has also acted in films like Coach Carter and John Tucker Must Die.

    Distraught Ashanti cancels concert after cousin's untimely death
    Already posted! :razz:
    LMAO! Anyways it's a different article. In my defense, there were no responses to the thread when I went & got it & posted it.

    In the time it took me to post it the way I do, 5 people already had responded. :grin:

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