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Thread: Sick and Tired

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    Re: I agree but...

    "kinkel" wrote:
    I agree with you Kleinsasser, but no matter what you say I think it's still gonna happen. The Vikes fans are gonna keep bashing the Packers fans on here and vice versa no matter what. Yea it does get kinda annoying but I just don't think it'll ever stop.
    I like bashing Packer fans...LOL!!! :twisted:

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    Sick and Tired

    after all is said and done one fact still remains the same..... The Pack still suck.. :rr: and it sucks that i cant remember my old user name :scratch:

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    Sick and Tired

    Trust me, its darned difficult to keep a handle on it. We get waves of it around every packer/vikes game and then it settles down.

    Klein is right, just as I always say. Stop reacting to the morons and they have nothing to do.

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