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    Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Being old enough to have seen the 1960's TV show that this movie is based on (created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, by the way), I was curious to find out what this movie was going to do with the premise.

    Steve Carell, who plays Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 of CONTROL, was perfecly cast in the part. He plays Max the same way Don Adams did in the TV show - with an air of sophistication on top of inspired idiocy. He's a smart guy, but he's earnest, and clumsy. He doesn't think much of himself, and his co-workers take pride in playing jokes on him, but they're never mean - the jokes come from the heart; deep down they respect Max and the job he does.

    The movie starts out with Max as an analyst with CONTROL, but he's taken the test to become an Agent for the 8th time, and he's hoping the 8th time is a charm. His first meeting with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon in the TV show, Anne Hathaway in the movie) is a chance encounter that is very funny. They hit it off, in a way, right away, showing signs of their future chemistry as a team.

    Alan Arkin plays the Chief (of CONTROL), and Terence Stamp plays the movie's villian, Siegfried. The plot basically is that Max and 99 stumble across a nuclear-weapons-smuggling operation, and they chase various KAOS agents across Europe and Russia, on the trail of nuclear weapons. CONTROL headquarters is attacked, and Max is promoted to Agent. With the help of two of his assistants (the hilarious duo of Bruce and Lloyd, played by Masi Oka and Nate Torrence) and the gadgets they have created, Max and 99 finally catch up with Siegfried and save the day. Along the way there are a few twists and turns in the plot (bad guys become good guys, good guys become bad guys, etc.), and in the end Max and 99 prevail.

    One of the best things about this movie is the way everyone doesn't take themselves too seriously. The look of the movie reminds you of a James Bond fim, in the way nothing was done cheaply. That would have ruined the movie, in my opinion. By doing everything more expensively, you get the feeling that this movie wasn't a spoof, but more a lovingly-done tweak of the genre (spy movies), but with tongue-in-cheek.

    As I said, Steve Carell nails the attitude and earnestness of the Maxwell Smart character, and Anne Hathaway plays Agent 99 as an updated take on the TV show character - a woman who can charm and kick ass with the best of them. Agent 23 is played by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock); he plays him with charm and wit, but with a hint of problems underneath that charming exterior.

    Overall, the movie has many funny moments. There are a lot of site gags, and there is a refreshing lack of "toilet humor" you see in a lot of comedies these days (yes you, Mike Myers). The humor is never mean, and there is a very funny ballroom scene in the middle of the movie. And the chemistry between Steve Carell as Max and Anne Hathaway as 99, which I think was very important to the success or faiure of the movie, was very solid. They play off each other comedically very well, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel or two made.

    Overall, a very funny and sweet movie. I highly recommend it.

    (out of four)
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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Thanks for the review Shock,

    It was a favorite show of mine way back when it was a tv series....I won't ask any questions, because I'm sure to watch this movie and want everything about it to be a suprise.
    Hell, half the time that is all Max was, a big suprise.. ;D


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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    It was much better than I expected it to be, but I love Steve Carrell, especially in The Office.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    I might have to give it a try.
    I watched Get Smart when Nick at Night came about and absolutely loved Adams as Max and the whole case of characters that made up the series.

    Maxwell Smart: I'm getting complaints from the landlord about the gun battles in the hall, and the bombs in the lobby, and the knife fights in the elevator.
    Chief: Well, when you rent an apartment to a secret agent, you've got to expect those things.
    Maxwell Smart: But he doesn't know I'm a secret agent.
    Chief: Well, how do you explain people attacking you and shooting at you?
    Maxwell Smart: Well, I told him I work for the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

    Maxwell Smart: You can't do that, Chief. Hymie's my friend.
    Chief: Your friend busted into my office, said he was going to kill me, smashed my desk to pieces, and almost strangled me with his bare hands.
    Maxwell Smart: Well, I said he was my friend, not yours.

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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Don't remember that being on the TV over here - obviously decided that it wouldn't 'travel' well to UK TV and definitely never knew that Mel Brooks was behind it - so a good start it had for sure
    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it here
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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Thanks Shock.

    I am glad it is in concert with the original series (which I loved by the way).
    I need to see if Blockbuster has some of the old series on CD so Wildman can see some of them before we go see the show.

    Even though you say it is well done, I can't help but think if he sees some of the old stuff, he would appreciate it more.

    By the way, I love these threads......Thanks.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Thanks for the review Shock. I grew up with the TV show and loved it.

    Alan Arkin plays the Chief
    Now that is a great piece of casting.

    Was Agent 13 in the movie? In the mailbox, etc?

    And how about the Claw...not the craw, the craw!!!
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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Thanks Shock, I agree with your "crituque" whole heartedly.
    Yes, I'm old enough to have seen all the original episodes on TV, which made the opening sequence where he goes through the "museum" display of the old Maxwell Smart paraphinallia. The Sunbeam, the shoe phone, etc.. Thought it was a well done movie.

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    Re: Shock's Movie Reviews - "Get Smart"

    Agent 13 was in a tree this movie.

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