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    Sex, blood and baby names

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some U.S. motorists sick of getting clobbered at the pump seem willing to do just about anything for free fuel, from giving up the right to name their children to stealing from day-care centers to donating blood.

    In Orlando, Florida, David Partin pledged to name his son after local radio hosts to win a $100 gas card as part of a contest. Partin will collect the card in December, when his son is born, if he can produce a birth certificate proving the baby is named Dixon Willoughby Partin, after the hosts.

    "(His wife said) this is his problem to explain when the child is older," Greg Stevens, WHTQ-FM program director told Reuters.

    At the Shady Lady Ranch brothel in Beatty, Nevada, clients who spend $300 or more this month will receive $50 gas vouchers as part of a promotion to beat the summer slump in business..........;_ylt=ArTdYQGCW2FVKWDMkQ Y5pwkSH9EA

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    Re: Sex, blood and baby names

    Get a bus pass?
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Sex, blood and baby names

    Wow... this is going a way to far. I am a student and I donate/sell plasma for gas money. I make an appointment twice a week and sit for an hour with a needle in my arm sucking my lifeblood. I get $50/wk and I also get to help people that need the plasma etc... for medication. Whatever, what these people are doing is insane. I wonder what these people will feel like when the gas money is gone and now they gotta explain to their kid why he got his name. What a bunch of irresponsible people. Take the bus, by a moped or motorcycle. Take less trips etc... people are so dumb.


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    Re: Sex, blood and baby names


    but.. it might be better then the kid named..

    moonglade.. or.. i hear some WoW fanatics are naming their kids..
    Thrall and Sylvanas..

    i'd have 2 kick my dad in the nutz for that one.


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