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    The Series Begins

    [color=red]Give everyone a heads up for your viewing pleasure here are the titles and subtitles of my upcoming release...and just to let you know guys/gals things are working out...Just need more time (sound like Lando from Star Wars LOL)

    Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War
    Volume I: The Red Storm

    Chapter I: Red Storm
    Chapter II: The Stones of Hektana
    Chapter III: The Red Plague
    Chapter IV: The Lords of the Hive

    Regime Guard:1000 Years of War
    Volume II: Regime Silence: The Revolution
    Chapter I: Arise from Tactile
    Chapter II: Descent of Damanon
    Regime Guard : 1000 Years of War
    Volume III: Legends of the Guardian Regime
    Chapter I: The Cave of Trials
    Chapter II: The Cult of Shevelia
    Chapter III: The Bones of Shevelia
    Chapter IV: The Revenge Governor Helen Dees
    Chapter V: The Awakening of Mother Liz
    Chapter VI: The Second Coming: The Lords of the Hive
    Chapter VII: The Assault on Mount Ilyogin

    Regime Guard: 1000 Years of War
    Volume 4: Red Sector N
    Chapter I: Revival
    Chapter 2: “It’s all just Politics”
    Chapter 3: The Great Deceit
    Chapter 4: The Great Escape
    Chapter 5: The Mission
    Chapter 6: Passage to: Arborin
    Chapter 7: Passage to Shevelia
    Chapter 8: Passage to Jupon
    Chapter 9: Passage to Crylonia
    Chapter 10: Passage to Sintron
    Chapter 11: Passage to Interra
    Chapter 12: Passage to Delanann
    Chapter 13: Passage to Damanon
    Chapter 14: Passage to Novellia
    Chapter 15: Power of the Regimes
    Chapter 16: The Armada
    Chapter 17:
    The Final Countdown
    Chapter 18: Fight for the Throne
    Chapter 19:
    The Puzzle and the Curse

    Chapter 20: Long Live the Regime

    ©2008 Galactic Regime Inc.

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    Re: The Series Begins

    Sweet, Neph!

    Which ones are actually out? I'll be sure to look when I'm at the book store next time.

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    Re: The Series Begins

    For those of us who do not know, can you give us a brief overview of what the books are about?

    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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    Re: The Series Begins this a non-fiction series? :P
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: The Series Begins-Updated


    Well guys it all comes down to April 3rd 2008. The phone call or the email, which one will it be?...
    The phone callis a congrats from my agent on the launch of movie, book etc etc.
    The email is the one I am worried about....we know what that could mean.

    So please to all the PPOers who have supported me, give me a shout!?

    Let us make 2008 the year of the Regime!

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