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    Semi Driver Checks on Doughnuts, Crashes

    MINOT, N.D. - A semi driver whose truck rolled on its side, dumping a load of specialty sunflower seeds, says it happened when he tried to check on a couple of doughnuts.

    Merv Bontrager of Milo said he looked away briefly from an off-ramp on which he was driving Tuesday morning and ended up rolling his rig on the southeast edge of Minot.

    It seemed to happen in slow motion, he said.

    "I just looked down briefly on the floor where I had thrown a couple of doughnuts I was going to eat later, to see where they had landed," Bontrager said.

    "It was too late. I couldn't bring it (the truck) back, and started going over. That's all it took," he said.

    Bontrager suffered minor cuts on his knuckles, though he said his ego was bruised.

    He was hauling the specialty sunflowers from a farm near Newburg to an elevator in Pingree, in south central North Dakota, when the crash happened.

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    Re: Semi Driver Checks on Doughnuts, Crashes

    wow, checking on his doughnuts that he threw on the floor for later, hahaha

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: Semi Driver Checks on Doughnuts, Crashes

    Oh my gosh!! Is it mean if i kinda sorta laughed when i read this? I feel bad for the guy though.

    I saw this happened in North Dakota and it reminded me. Did anyone happen to see todays "Today Show" ? A couple of kids from my town were on there.
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