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    Scouts now prep for bullies

    Boy Scouts now must show they've learned to avoid being pushed around

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    Re: Scouts now prep for bullies

    Hahahahahahaha thanks for the laugh of the day BLV.

    I was a boy scout for 6+ years, I attained the rank of Eagle. I was also fairly involved in council level activities for awhile.

    Some of the kids you meet in scouts were the poor saps who would get bullied no matter what. I think most people know what I'm talking about. The ones who for whatever reason are complete nerds, and give the bad stereotype of boy scouts.

    At the same time there are alot who are just normal, average, everyday people. I consider myself in this group, chiefly because i had alot of friends who were cooler than I, and I know for a fact at least some girls find me attractive.

    The ones who typically don't stay in scouts for long are the "cool" kids. The preppy ones. There are of course exceptions.

    There was not ever much bullying that I saw at Boy Scout functions, so my guess is this mostly relates to outside.

    Honestly, I think this is silly and useless. Telling a bully how much it hurts is like waving a red flag at an angry bull. You're just gonna encourage it. Sometimes you just can't sensative your way out of things. Thats where you and/or your friends need to just kick the shit out of the guy or something.

    As a side note, most boy scouts are way more obsessed with fire, guns, knives, fireworks, and girls than the average person. Nor are they pure, you would not believe how often some of my friends managed to get drunk in thier tent or once we stayed in a hotel room. One time they even found a frat party.

    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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