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    Scott LeDoux doesn't have long to live...


    "Scott LeDoux, the tough former heavyweight boxer who turns 61 on Thursday and was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease 18 months ago, was told the other day by doctors that he has three to six months to live.

    "But I'm fighting; I'm going to live a lot longer than that," LeDoux, who fought several world boxing champions, said Saturday. "I'm hanging in there."

    LeDoux, who lives in Coon Rapids, is still working two jobs, as an Anoka County commissioner and as executive director of the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission.

    LeDoux's spirits were raised Friday when he received a visit from pal Chico Resch, the former New York Islanders goaltender who was in town as a broadcast analyst for the New Jersey Devils. Resch and LeDoux became pals in college at Minnesota-Duluth, and LeDoux was a member of Resch's wedding party."
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    Re:Scott LeDoux doesn't have long to live...

    I truly hope he has been tested for Lyme disease.
    Lyme disease can be misdiagnosed as ALS, Parkinson's, MS and Alzheimer's.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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