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"bono" wrote:
Whoa baby! Can some one say 'PSYCHO'?! There had to be some kind of warning signs ( I refuse to believe otherwise). Man, I guess that dude must have been doing a pretty good job in the bedroom, to erupt such an evil/psychotic reaction from her.
The world better hope I never leave Wildwoman.
She will probably go find a nuclear warhead or something because of the loss of a stub like me......


and the truth finally comes out...
You and Singer are good at that......

Seriously though, have you seen me?
Short, Fat, Slightly Balding, Crooked teeth, Glasses.
I was poor as dirt when we married.

Only one reason she and I hooked up......

Hung like a horse....... ;D ;D ;D
well unless you dropped the pants first second you met her, she wouldn't know if that were true or not...
must be more to the story then you let on.
LOL, think what you will, however, everyone that has met me will attest that I am in fact Short, Fat, Slightly Balding, have Crooked teeth, and wear Glasses.

I was a E-5 in the military when she and I married.
Again, broke as shit.