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    A scary thought for 16.8 million Americans

    I am a type II diabetic, along with 16.8 million other Americans with diabetes, and I try to take as good care of myself as I can. I take insulin (Humalog and Lantus), Metformin, Actos, Lipitor and Lisinopril HCTZ for it (and to prevent future complications). Many of you know me and all the crap I have to go through to keep myself healthy. Well, I have another reason, and that's a story I just found on Yahoo - the link between diabetes and Parkinson's continues to grow. Here's the link:


    I just want to say if anyone out there has a history of diabetes in their family, has it themselves, or knows someone who does, PLEASE take care of yourselves! And if you have a sedentary lifestyle, PLEASE get some exercise. If it's not too late for me, it's not too late for you!

    Thanks for letting me preach!

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    Re: A scary thought for 16.8 million Americans

    My Father has Diabetes. I Am Scared a little

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    Re: A scary thought for 16.8 million Americans

    Way to step up for your fellow PP.O'ers, Shock!
    It's stuff like this that makes you a great PP.O'er!

    This and the DEVO dance video, that is! ;D

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    Re: A scary thought for 16.8 million Americans

    Thanks for the info.
    My uncle and grandpa are slightly dieabetic and my other grandpa died of parkinsons.

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    Re: A scary thought for 16.8 million Americans

    Shock, thanks for sharing the link. This one is no april fool. Diabetes is a killer, and leads to so many other issues. My doctor recently told me that "you will be a diabetic. Its up to you wheter its in your 50's or 70's." You are completly right on with your encouragement for all of us to eat better (Fast food is the absolute worst), and to exercise. Carrying extra weight is the biggest risk factor with diabetes, and if you have a family history, you already have two strikes against you.

    On the bright side, my doctor told me to drink 1 beer a day, no exceptions. Alcohol apparently helps clear the arteries. Here's a link that suggests that:

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