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    Sailor takes on Pacific in wave-powered boat;_ylt=Av24mAIhBvwfDN_oRSEDnnWs0NUE

    TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese sailor has set out from Hawaii for Japan, hoping to complete the 7,000 km (4,400 mile) journey using only the power of the waves beneath his boat.

    Garlanded with flowers, 69-year-old adventurer Kenichi Horie waved from the deck of his catamaran-like boat as he set off on the latest of many challenges he has taken on since he became the first Japanese to sail solo across the Pacific in 1962, a video of his departure from Hawaii showed.

    That's really cool, it will take 2 1/2 months but the boat will be completely powered by the natural waves of the ocean.

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    Re: Sailor takes on Pacific in wave-powered boat

    Impressive. Thanks for the read.

    Having been around the ocean for most of my adult life I can tell you there is alot of power there that needs to be respected.

    I wish him well.
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    Re: Sailor takes on Pacific in wave-powered boat

    Horie, who has sailed around the world solo, traveled the Pacific in a yacht made of recycled beer cans in 2002.
    now that would be funny to see.

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