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    Russell likely out as Gophers running back

    [size=18px]Russell likely out as Gophers running back[/size]
    Chip Scoggins, Star Tribune

    Gary Russell's bid to return to the University of Minnesota after being dismissed this winter because of academic shortcomings looks highly doubtful since the star running back is not taking summer school classes, a prerequisite for his return.

    Several athletic department officials said Thursday that they have not received final word on Russell's status, but they confirmed that he is not enrolled in summer school, which started this week. Several department officials said they have had no contact with Russell in the past few weeks.

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    This is really a shame. I've watched Russell the last two years and in my opinion he was bound for great things. His thighs were the size of most people's waists and he was a punishing runner up the middle. I personally thought he was a better power runner than Maroney. Pinnix is a good up and coming player but with Russell in the lineup the Gophers woud have again had a shot at two 1000 yard runners this year.
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    Re: Russell likely out as Gophers running back

    That's a shame. I saw glimpses of him when keeping track of the Gophers last season and he looked more than capable of carrying the pigskin by himself. Why would he not want to maximise his opportunity with the Gophers? Surely playing at running back for the Gophers would be like running for the Broncos? A can't-miss opportunity to run a thousand yards. If I were him I'd be busting my ass to get back into the U; Marion Barber and Maroney have shown that the NFL pays attention to the Gophers' running backs.

    Oh well.. Hopefully Amir Pinnix can maintain the Gophers' great success running the ball.

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    Re: Russell likely out as Gophers running back

    If he doesn't have the motivation to take care of his school work in order to keep his college career alive, who's to say that he possesses the work ethic to break out in the NFL? Just a thought.

    This guy can run the ball though, no question there. He complimented Maroney very well. I'm sure he possesses the physical talent. It's a shame to see it go to waist. I hope he does something about this for his own sake.

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