Jersey is too funny.
You can't even see the map for the little markers.

I loved these couple of comments from there.

Jan Ginder at 320 East Main Street Apt#10B Rockaway NJ is the biggest sob that ever walked the planet/our taxes pay for her to live-she claims she has a job but she is the biggest loser in the world she pays no taxes and sits home in her appartment day after day-she smells and so does her appartment. She is also blessed with the gift of life THE AIDS VIRIUS lets thank TOM for that-EXTREME CAREFUL when you see her it hurts the naked eye when you look at her-she is BUTT UGLY,DRUNK & A POTHEAD..
Jeff Aids
09/22/2007 02:36 p.m.
Full-screenThe REAL trailer trash!

So if you want to meet someone who thinks her shit dont stink...go see her! She seems to think that her family is perfect...WHAT A JOKE! Her husband tells his female recruits that he is getting a devorce and doesnt even live with his family anymore. I wonder why? After meeting his wife I know why he says these things! She thinks her kids are just rays of sunshine! Now I know they are kids and all but please, her son tells her what to do he is like 6 yrs old! No respect for his mother, must have learned that from Daddy! Her daugher maybe 8 yrs old, PLEASE! Just like her mom! Two faced, you can tell she learned everything from her mother! She will probably be pregnant by the time she is 12!! Like mother like daughter!!! This family is messed up! The funniest thing, is that she thinks she has friends! From what I hear...not true! She uses you. Get over your self! Your shit does stink, Your husband cheets on you, no one believes your stories and most of all no one feels sorry for you!!!

And this person that reported themselves and doesn't want neighbors LOL
We Sue people

I sue people who I dislike over anything
Arley McAdams
09/18/2007 01:51 p.m.