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    Ron Mexico hates children

    Falcons | Vick misses appearance in front of Congress
    Tue, 24 Apr 2007 21:56:40 -0700

    The Associated Press reports Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick missed his scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill to persuade lawmakers to increase funding for after-school programs. Vick's publicist, Susan Bass, said he was in Tampa, Fla., Monday, April 23, to play in RB Warrick Dunn's charity golf tournament. He then caught a flight to Atlanta that was supposed to arrive in time for him to make another flight to northern Virginia. The AirTran flight was late leaving Tampa, Vick missed his connection flight and wound up stuck in Atlanta, according to Bass. AirTran gave a different account. They acknowledged the flight from Florida was late getting to Atlanta, which caused Vick to miss his 8:35 p.m. flight to Virginia. Airline spokesman Tad Hutcheson said Vick was booked on a 10:50 p.m. flight. Hutcheson said Vick failed to show up for the flight, which left Atlanta with about 20 empty seats.
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    Re: Ron Mexico hates children

    Why should he go, children can't give him anything to put in his water dispenser.

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    Re: Ron Mexico hates children

    He was trying to sell a few pounds of weed to make up for that massive contribution to Virginia Tech's victims fund.
    You know that $10,000 he gave really took a bite out of his wallet so he has to make it up some how.

    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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