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    Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    While I openly admit that I've never been a Stones fan..and by that I mean that I own none of their albums/CDs, nor do I ever intend to...I have always been able to gloss over their seemingly inept handling of any and all things remotely related to music and tolerate listening to a handful of what I laughingly call songs.

    Then came last Sunday.

    In my ENTIRE life, I have witnessed a mere handful of performances that I would consider to be worse than the one I was "treated" to at halftime. Of course, to be fair, the vast majority of them involve junior high school bands...with the other 2 I can recall being put in by bar bands who made up for their lack of ability by also displaying a complete lack of caring that they sucked.

    Charlie Watts looked - as he always does - like a marionette...barely managing to keep time, and occassionally throwing in a half hearted attempt to hit something other than the snare drum. And, to me, that was the HIGHLIGHT of their performance.

    Mick Jagger, lacking any sense of rythm, showed why the commonly held belief that white people can't dance exists. Anyone clapping along (Although I fail to see why they would) and watching Mick would certainly wind up melting their brain with the effort...much like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. Of course, melting your brain might explain why they have a fan base.

    And speaking of "melted brains", Keith Richards and Ron Wood looked like something from a "Living Dead" movie. And while I could occassionally recognize a chord or two, for the most part they simply appeared to be striking strings at random while moving their hands in a movie-star parody of guitar playing. These two are to guitar playing what Micheal Jordan is to Baseball.

    Their replacement bass player might actually be good...I couldn't tell...but it stands to reason that there is no way in Hades that these guys actually want someone in the band who can play. It would simply underscore their own inability.

    Now, at first I thought that they were suffering sound problems due to the location...and a poor TV feed. Kind of like every band on SNL suffers weekly. But, as the "show" wore on, I became convinced that any "technical issues" being suffered weren't detracting from the performance, rather they were like a mercy killing of a critically injured family pet who is clinging to life by a thread but suffering horribly.

    Now, I'm sure that a few die-hard Stones fan will post here and - oh so politely - tell me how wrong I am. Feel free. To me, the only thing worse than the Stone's "performance" was the officiating...and THAT was horrible.


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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show


    Couldn't have said it better myself. The NFL should have stayed with the Original plan and used the music of Detroit & MI instead. Kid Rock, Eminem, Bob Seger, plus the recently added artists on the pre-game show.

    Would've been a much better show instead of that sleeper of a show!

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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I've been convinced for the last few years that they were well past their 'best by' date and should be put out to pasture.
    Obviously going for the ultimate Rock n Roll rebellion - playing when they clearly ain't up to it !
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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I was never a Stones fan myself, but do like some of their songs.

    It was clear to me that Mick can't carry a tune the way he used to. As Anglo pointed out, they were singing way past there prime.

    Certainly they were a rock & roll icon to many & could sing in there day, but Super Bowl Sunday was not that day.

    With all the talent out there in the world of music, I would think they could have chosen a better band(s) to perform that would appease the crowd, both young & old.

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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    "sleepagent" wrote:

    The NFL should have stayed with the Original plan and used the music of Detroit & MI instead. Kid Rock, Eminem
    Well they wanted too, but it was determined that Kid Rock and Eminem really isn't music in the pure sense of the word "Music"

    Also they found out that the entire musical scores for Eminem were written by deaf, dyslexic, mongoloid chimps from a traveling circus.

    And in Rap and Hip Hop that is considered using a "professional" writer.
    Apparently a big no no.

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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I agree. the Stones were pretty disappointng. The sad part is that the NFL had been trying to court the Stones for years...

    The only part I liked was when the 'tounge" rolled back to expose fans underneath. That was pretty cool.
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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I wasn't a fan of the halftime show either, i thought he should've focused more on actually trying to sing rather than skipping all along the stage. Here's to thanking that this year especially didn't have a wardrobe malfunction! *shudders at the thought*

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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I have always hate the halftime show, but this year was particularly bad. Back in the 60s and 70s Mick Jagger kind of had a voice, but 40 years later anything he had is gone. Sorry Stones, you guys are legends but you're washed up!

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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    I'll take this over any rap/pop nelly justin timberlake britney spears any day.
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    Re: Rolling Stones Halftime Show

    Although the Stones did suck they were a "safe" bet not to cause the NFL any P.R. headaches. With the likes of Kid Rock & Eminem there would have been far more things for the censors to be worried about. At this years Grey Cup game up here in Canada they had they Black Eyed Peas and let me tell you what a joke that was. The entire show consisted of each guy in the band taking turns dry humping the female singer. With the Stones the NFL knew what they in for and only had to bleep two words. Anyways thats my take on it.

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