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    Re: Rita heads for 6-KINGS

    "vikesfan" wrote:
    Take care of yourself 6-Kings. Good luck, I hope you and your family have safe, comfortable places to go, and I hope that your house can survive this. Take care and know that we'll be praying for you and everyone who has and will be affected by these horrible disasters!!
    Well thanks!
    I must report so far not even a spit of rain.
    Nothing. The wind is about 25MPH, cloudy.
    That is it.
    Looks like we missed Rita.
    Which is a good thing.
    As a matter of fact my daughter has a soccer game in 1 hour, still on for play.

    And SnowinApril, you are welcome for the invite.


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    Re: Rita heads for 6-KINGS

    Glad to hear you're in one piece.. I guess Rita knew better by not messing wit 'da king? :wink:

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    Re: Rita heads for 6-KINGS

    HAHA.. Ya had me worried 6! Glad everything went smooth.. That's sweet ur daughter gets to go play soccer now too

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