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    Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day

    Wonder how that went?

    May 14th is the official deadline for cable modem companies, DSL providers, broadband over powerline, satellite internet companies and some universities to finish wiring up their networks with FBI-friendly surveillance gear, to comply with the FCC's expanded interpretation of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. Congress passed CALEA in 1994 to help FBI eavesdroppers deal with digital telecom technology. The law required phone companies to make their networks easier to wiretap. The results: on mobile phone networks, where CALEA tech has 100% penetration, it's credited with boosting the number of court-approved wiretaps a carrier can handle simultaneously, and greatly shortening the time it takes to get a wiretap going. Cops can now start listening in less than a day.

    I bet the anti Bush crowd will forget that this was passed on Clintons watch.

    The Federal Communications Commission has issued rules that would go into effect in May 2007. The regulations, according to AP, would "require that providers of Internet phone service and broadband services must ensure their equipment can accommodate police wiretaps under the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, known as CALEA."
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    Re: Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day

    I bet the Bush supporters will assume that the "anti Bush crowd" automatically groveled at Clinton's feet.

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