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    Ref Tackles Player

    South Carolina vs. LSU - Oct. 19, 2008

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    Musta had money riding on this game.

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    IDK about this.
    I think I read that Hackett was a former player and did you see his eyes.
    I think the dude might have had a flashback or something cuz he looked crazy like he didnt know where he was.
    I think he got caught up in the game and thought he was playing D again.
    It was funny as hell though, but I'd be flippin shit if i was Spurrier.
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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    How did I miss this. Holy shit! What is everyone saying?

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    The fucker better get fined.

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    I laughed so hard when I first watched this...

    He clearly wanted to tackle the player.
    I read threw the comments though, the team scored a few plays later on a controversial call...

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    That is one of the wildest thing I have ever seen. I saw it n replay Saturday and apprently today it is finally hitting the Internet now that people are bored at work.
    I got into an argument with a friend of mine who said it was an accident, but to me it looked like he clearly stepped up and delivered the hit.
    He should be fired definitely.

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    WOW unreal!

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    Re: Ref Tackles Player

    is that on purpouse ? holy shit what a dumbass
    El underdog.

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