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    Allright you like to cook right? Well this Monday is a big game and should be dang fun to watch.

    The wife will be in Illinois with my son so a bunch of the guys are comming over to watch.

    I need some ideas for some food. I mean how about a real Minnesota recipe? Even if it's chip dip. Throw some idea's out there. I have Beer, and granted in most occassions that's enough but I'm looking for something in addition to the liquid dinner.

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    A hotdish, lefsa and lutefisk would be the meal of the day. I've eaten the first, tried the second, and only smelled the third. :silent:

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    Del Rio I posted this before but it is good and easy to make & clean up, and not that expensive.

    appetizer recipe: Ham Suprise

    1. can of cream of mushroom soap
    2. 1 block of Philly cream cheese
    3. about 8 oz of ham diced into small cubes
    4. 1 - 4 oz package of schredded cheeder cheese
    5. 1 package of english muffins

    Mix the cream of mushroom soap in a mixing bowl with the 8 oz of philly cream cheese, add the ham when they are mixed well and just mix ham in. Place a mound on top of half an english muffin, sprinkle cheeder cheese on top, bake at 350 till the cheese is golden brown and bubbling.

    outstanding snack

    hint: microwave the cream cheese for about 20 seconds (helps with mixing) also if you bake on a pizza pan with aluminum foil makes easy clean-up

    You could always do weenies in a crock pot with Barbaque sauce.

    2 package of little smokie weiners, pour into crock pot, pour a bottle of Barbaque sauce over them let them heat for a couple hours. Buy a box of wooden toothpicks and they serve themselves.
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