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    Recliner Saves Man Who Was Shot in Head

    WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - Now comes another reason to stay put in the La-Z-Boy: A man sitting in his easy chair was shot in the head by his wife, but the sturdy recliner absorbed most of the bullet's force and left him virtually unscathed.

    The couple had been arguing at home on Sunday evening, said Contra Costa County sheriff's Lt. Charles Skuce. Then Jan Kamp stood behind her seated husband and fired a gun at the back of his head, Skuce said.

    Because she fired through the recliner, the bullet only slightly wounded Norman Kamp, 57, Skuce said.

    Norman stood up from his chair, followed his wife into the kitchen and declared, "You shot me," according to authorities.

    Jan Kamp fired a second shot at her husband, but missed, Skuce said. He retreated to a neighbor's house in the unincorporated Pacheco area of the county, where he called 911.

    After talking to deputies, Norman Kamp was treated at a hospital and released.

    Jan Kamp, 58, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and booked at County Jail in Martinez.

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    Re: Recliner Saves Man Who Was Shot in Head

    So there are women out there crazier than mine!

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    Re: Recliner Saves Man Who Was Shot in Head

    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    So there are women out there crazier than mine!
    Crazier than yours has been so far...
    All of us men better watch our backs when not in La-Z-Boys, these kinds of stories can often have a copycat effect. Watch your backs, men!

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