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Thread: A REAL hero!

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    A REAL hero!

    There is a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq that voluntarily gave his Purple Heart medal to Kimberly Dozier, wounded CBS Reporter. He said he did it because "She has suffered as much as any soldier".

    What a man. A REAL hero!

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    Rock on, U.S. soldier...he just showed WHY American soldiers are the greatest soldiers in the world.

    The slain camera crew deserves the same honor.

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    Great story!

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    I agree...since they don't get to carry weapons, and are usually close to the battlefront...they are more at risk than anybody..Thats a nice story...
    It makes you proud to be an American.

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    Wow, that's a very noble thing to do. With all of the negative coverage of our soldiers lately, it's nice to see someone do something thoughtful and get recognized for it. :salute:

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    That't a true hero, unselfish. :salute:

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    Re: A REAL hero!

    Being in the Army, and also spending 6 years in the Marine Corps, you one has any idea how great of a military we do have, yes like everyone, there are bad apples, but we do more in our community, charities, and of course sacrafice than anyone, and I am very proud of the soldier, for doing what he did

    Thanks PurpleMafia

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