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    Re: Rappers and 'roids

    They have to maintain their badass thugish look.
    You can't blame them.
    God bless rap.

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    Re: Rappers and 'roids

    And God bless people who don't know what they're talking about, lol.
    In the P.J.'s, my blend tape plays, bullets are strays
    Young bitches is grazed
    Each block, is like a maze, full of black rats trapped
    Plus the Island is packed
    From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back, black

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    Re: Rappers and 'roids

    "TimmyT" wrote:
    "BadlandsViking" wrote:
    Roids will increase the violence they rap about
    lol, BadlandsVikings still hasn't learned anything.
    lol I try not to come here and learn

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