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    Re: randy moss in miami?

    "audioghost" wrote:
    I'm surprised, nobody has exploded with anger and exclaimed it with a "We don't have Randy anymore, get over it", or even a "Why can't you just let it go"....its like we can't even talk about him anymore on this site.......I don't know about you's guys, but I still like Moss, and I still feel he's one of the best, if not "the best" WR out there right now. I'm still a Moss fan, and I won't boo the Raiders cuz I could understand why they'd want him. I'm still a Moss fan, and if you wanna explode about it, go ahead, cuz I don't see how u could not be a Moss fan after all the man has done for the Vikings on the I think some of the things he did off the field were blown outta proportion by the media. The guy hates the media (which I would too, have u guys heard some of the obvious questions they ask ppl, gimme a break!) and therefore the media portrays him as a "bad guy". Randy Moss will be the next Barry Bonds, except a football version minus the roids.....he will get close to breaking the records and the media will drive him insane...portray him as a bad guy and taint his records until 20 yrs after he retires.....Favre on the other hand, will have all of his accomplishments blown up, and they'll make him look like the greatest QB of all time.....I dislike the media biases!!!!!

    Randy Moss is the best WR in the NFL today, hands down. No argument

    The only players even close are Harrison and Owens, and he's clearly better than both of them.

    It was disappointing to see him go, and it will be weird not seeing him in a Vikings jersey this year, but I hope he succeeds with Oakland. I'm going to be watching the Raiders this year as closely as any team other than the Vikings, simply to see how he does. But, after seeing what we've done this offseason thru the draft and FA, I'm excited to see what we're capable of this year. Especially with the Pack falling apart, the QB controversy that is sure to arise in Detroit, and the Bears being the Bears.

    It would be kind of cool to see a Vikings/Raiders superbowl, and have us beat the Raiders. Then Moss would see what he missed out on.

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    Re: randy moss in miami?

    Careful....this is the post where only Del Rio an I are allowed to bash each have a nice day to sir.

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    Re: randy moss in miami?

    Well, bottom line is he is rich as hell and can afford to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Check out the finals cause he will be there to.

    He has earned that right in my book!

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