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    Random story: So I am at orientation....

    today for graduate school here in NYC and everyone is stating their name, what school they went to, and something else about themselves. And of course, one of the women stands up and states she is from Wisconsin and is huge a "Packer" fan! I was like, "WHAT THE F#%??!?" It was the last thing I wanted to hear when starting out my new life out here! I just laughed and thought to myself, you're gonna be in for a rough year. So, I approached her later on to let her know what's up (that I was a DIE HARD Purple pride fan) and that she's gonna be questioning her loyalty after this season. After a few minutes of arguing, she proceeded to tell me that when she interviewed for the physical therapy program at the Mayo CLinic, she was all in the faces of the admissions committee about how the Pack beat the Vikes last year.......and then she proceeded to admit to me that she felt like a dumba$$ because the next week the Vikes proceeded to kick their butts out of the playoffs.....

    I know this is just random and probably a waste of your time, but it was a bittersweet story for me. I don't know any Vikings fans out here, but it was nice to hear from a packer fan about how she made a fool of herself....

    So "cheers" for a good year to the Purple and Gold!
    Anyone else have this problem? My mood for the upcoming week depends on if the Vikes won or lost on s an on-going cycle....

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    Re: Random story: So I am at orientation....

    Good story! lol

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Random story: So I am at orientation....

    They will really be biting their tongues after we sweep the Cheesed!cks!

    Another great sig by PPE!
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