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    Random rumblings about Jason Taylor's "Hate Crime" encounter

    Recently read about the assault on the Dolphin's Jason Taylor (Taylor Article)). Aside from the fact - which I found amusing - that the assailant was chased into a trailer park (go figure), something about this entire case bothered me.

    The assailant, Redmond Charles Burns, was charged with a "Hate Crime" becaused he uttered racial slurs while attacking Taylor. But, does the use of derogatory language make a crime a hate crime? Not in my opinion.

    For example, if Ultra and I - who are both caucasian - were to get into a fight (which I would OBVIOUSLY win), and I were to call Ultra a "cracker" during the - brief - encounter, would that make it a hate crime? After all, I used derogatory language, and the language was racially charged. It would seem, at this point in time, that that is sufficient to elevate the status of the crime from a regular assault to a "hate Crime".

    OK, but how can I hate white people...after all, I AM one? Does this create a paradox situation in which I am absolved of all wrong doing? After all, since I obviously can't hate white people, there is no hate crime, which means that since this qualifies as a hate crime, it couldn't have happened, therefore, nothing happened......sheesh, what a mess.

    In my opinion, a "Hate crime" is a crime which is motivated SOLELY upon the race of an individual. If I were to go on a rampant crime spree, targetting only Swedes, THAT would be a "Hate Crime". If, however, I were to target random people, but call them derogatory, racially charged names while doing so, THAT would NOT be a "hate Crime".

    Based solely upon what I've read so far - and there may be more to the story - I think that the term "Hate Crime" was tossed in far too soon. Did Redmond Charles Burns target Taylor because he was Black, or because he was there? That - the KEY definitive factor - is left out.

    I've seen this in other cases as well, this one simply made national status. At work, if a male employee doesn't like a female employee and let's her know, he is OFTEN "Investigted" for "sexual harrasment". Time and time again, I have seen co-workers pulled into the HR office for another silly - and groundless - "investigation" simply because they spoke out about a non-productive employee whose gender or ethnicity is different than their own.

    Have we gone too far? Have we taken leave of common sense in order to appease certain elements of society? In my opinion, we have. Back to the case at hand, if I were to become involved in a fight with a person of a different ethnicity than myself, in the heat of combat, I MIGHT just let slip a racially charged slur. Does that mean I hate that person due to their race? It most certainly does NOT. It simply means that, during the battle, I used every means, fair or foul, to gain an advantage, and that by using racially charged language I was likely hoping to unsettle my opponent. This doesn't make me a racist, this makes me a combatant (This is not me condoning racial slurs - I don't - I'm simply putting it into perspective).

    Bottom line, while there ARE hate crimes in this society - and I oppose them intensely - I don't see this as one of them (barring, of course, the revelation that this assault was motivated by Taylors race and not his presence). And, while I realize that this might become a rather "charged" topic, my intent is NOT to diminish any group by saying this, or to take the teeth away from a rather good idea (Hate Crimes SHOULD be punished), but rather to express the idea that maybe...just maybe...we toss these escallators on too quickly, and without merit, and actually hurt the causes we're attempting to help by doing so.


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    Re: Random rumblings about Jason Taylor's "Hate Crime" encounter

    I agree...we need more information as to his motivation before we automatically assume that it is a HATE CRIME!

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    Re: Random rumblings about Jason Taylor's "Hate Crime" encounter

    I agree with you 100%. But you can't hate a Norwegian...

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