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Thread: Raise Your Horn

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    Raise Your Horn

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    Re: Raise Your Horn

    I really hate to have Lady Gaga associated with us in any way imaginable.

    That being said, the production quality of this video was very high. Pretty impressive despite the song and kids being totally lame.

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    Re: Raise Your Horn

    good video. pretty comical.....

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    Re: Raise Your Horn

    That was awesome. At least someone still has some optimism.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Raise Your Horn

    Not a big Lady Ga Ga fan, but you gotta admit her songs are catchy and get stuck in your head. I am always embarrassed when my kids catch me humming or whistling Bad Romance. And I think that girl did a pretty good job on the vocals on this song.

    Overall I would be proud if those two were my kids!! I would think I had raised them right to have some Vikings pride/optimism like that.

    You go kids!!!!

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