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Nice. My wife still works part-time with developmentally dis-abled adults. She's now training to be a Sherriff's Deputy. She works with the 24-year old daughter of one of the Departments Captains. She has severe autism. No joke. She's not a "brat." I've been around alot of these good people as adults. Trust me, they are not acting "bratty" now, as adults, just for kicks.
They have a real mental dis-order. But hey, got him some press! Hurrrayyy! If you met thse good people, you would know. No question. this girl can draw a portrait like a famouse artist, but her mental state is obvious. A buddy of mine and his wife love thier boy dearly, but he also has severe autism. It's not fake. just being around these folks for a time is proof enough. At least for me.
I agree, but your telling me you have not met kids who have been diagnosed but don't really have it.

A little off topic:

In todays society, Boys are being told its wrong to act like a boy. Its wrong to ruff house, wrong to get dirty playing, wrong to go shoot squirrels in the woods, wrong to play swords or guns. Society is destroying kids. I was told by a lady once that playing guns is wrong because it teaches kids that shooting is ok! WTF! lol I played guns all the time but I don't go around shooting people lol.
I do. I was mis-diagnosed as "sane." kidding![img width=450 height=337]http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj190/jereamiahbrooks/IMG_1928.jpg[/img]
Officially put on my list of people to never cross again list.
I just put him on my list of guys to go hunting with if I ever get a chance.

What caliber is that?