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    Question about life

    So... I'm getting married in 3 weeks... unfortunatly, she has a job but with no benefits, and right now i'm still lookin for a teaching job.... god is that painful...
    But the question is.. We obviously won't have an employer providing us with health insurance and dental and all of that..
    any suggestions of what to do about this? Buy our own I guess, but I'd imagine that is EXPENSIVE... anyone who was in the same boat before?

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    Re: Question about life

    Don't get sick......

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    Re: Question about life

    That's a tough one. Maybe the government has some kind of program? I doubt it, but I'm sure something will turn up.

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    Re: Question about life

    When we were married 18 years ago, we were in a similar situation, and we were able to find some insurance.
    It did not cover maternity, and there were some other stipulations, but it did the job and was relative inexpensive.

    Just check around with some local insurance agencies, I am sure you will find something.

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    Re: Question about life

    I would just see if there are any jobs out there and get one that offers health.
    If you pay for it!

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    Re: Question about life

    I got the Unicare catastrophic insurance and it only cost $75 a month. You get to go to 2 doctors visits a year but in a catastrophic event like a car accident or anything that has to do with an emergency room, they pretty much pay for it all.

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    Re: Question about life

    I have a general labor job and have full health/dental insurance along with a small 10k life insurance policy. Were talking a job that takes no school, and your telling me someone who went to college wont get health benefits as a teacher? Your kidding right?

    Most teacher jobs around where i live are union, so i'm almost positive you get some pretty nice benefits. The company i work for is union and offer a pretty nice package for a whopping 7.50 a week or 18.00 for family. I don't see where you get the idea a teaching gig won't land you benefits

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