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    Re: PS3 Slim or XBOX 360 Elite?

    Well, I went and bought a PS3 Slim... you can add me @ "The-Dorn"

    The Blu-ray on my 47" LCD is amazing! Casino Royale and The Dark Knight look beautiful on it... i love Walmart and their 10 dollar blu-rays

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    Re: PS3 Slim or XBOX 360 Elite?

    Okay you guys, don't laugh, I'm about to show my age here.
    But what is a blu-ray?
    Thanks, Ned


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    Re: PS3 Slim or XBOX 360 Elite?

    Damn, Ned.

    Essentially, blu ray is a better quality dvd. With blu ray, the picture is sharper and the sound is much better than dvd. Of course, you have to own a high def tv and a blu ray player to watch blu ray movies.

    That is the non-technical explanation.
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    Re: PS3 Slim or XBOX 360 Elite?

    "BloodyHorns82" wrote:
    "Formo" wrote:
    Personally, I would go with PS3.
    But, from what I'm hearing (which may be inaccurate) that Sony is going to lower their prices for their regular PS3s to the same price as the Slim (much like they did when PS2 got smaller).
    I also heard that the PS3 Slim has an overheating issue (also much like the PS2 slim did).

    Again, just from what I hear.

    Oh, and I'm a bit 'old school'..
    But if I'm going to play a game online..
    It's gonna be on a computer.
    And I hate hate HATE HATE FPS on a console.
    Dumbest ever, IMHO.
    Pit me against someone that's using a console and give me my keyboard and mouse, and I promise I school said opponent.

    To me, a console is meant to play with friends side by side.

    I can't wait to get myself a PS3.
    Formo, there is no way in hell you beat the kids out there now days with a keyboard.
    Not unless they're using a keyboard as well.
    I used to love FPS on the keyboard, then started playing with a console.
    The other day I fired up Duke Nukem again on the PC and instantly realized how much better using a PS3 controller with the thumb joysticks and trigger buttons is.
    MUCH faster.
    Just my opinion of course, but I was absolutely dumbfounded the first time I started playing FPS on the next gen consoles.
    It's a whole new league out there where you have only fractions of a second to get the kill or be killed.
    Quite a rush though.
    Dude, you are talking to an 'old school' gamer.
    I've seen how good these kids are at their console FPS, and trust me, they are good.
    But, like I said..
    I promise, I would school them with my keyboard mouse.
    It's way more natural for me.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re: PS3 Slim or XBOX 360 Elite?

    I had an Xbox 360, went with it because of the wider selection of game titles, but none really lived up to the hype, at least not for me.

    Got a PS3 last winter, it's amazing, there's fewer games, but I thought the gameplay was better all of them, including the sports games.
    Also, the fact that it doubles as a blu-ray player which costs almost as much as a PS3 anyway is a huge bonus.

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