So I am watching ESPN right now and a thought crossed that bothers me every once and awhile.
Does anybody else ever get sick of the "team" players who just ramble off a bunch of pre produced talking points for the team.
You see a guy interviewed about a huge game and instead of getting any good information about what they were thinking during the game we end up with a pointless drivel of a mini oscar speech thanking every person they can think of.
Kobe Bryant scores 41 points in a playoff game?
I don't want to hear about how the team moves the ball well, I want to know how his night was going.
AP runs for the rushing record?
I want to know about specific moments in the game, not just thanking everybody but the ball boy every week.

I like humble players, but when it comes off as so fake and cheesy like a guy is just going through the motions to be a "team" player I would much rather hear about a players game than going over their cue cards to see who they should thank so nobody can accuse them of not being a team player.