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    Pro-Football Stars Featured in New Bible Product

    [size=12pt]Pro-Football Stars Featured in New Bible Product [/size]
    By Aaron J. Leichman
    Christian Post Reporter
    Thu, Jan. 22 2009 12:59 PM EST

    new football-themed Scripture product has been released in time for what is expected to be among the most-watched U.S. television broadcasts of the year if not the most-watched.

    As sports fans prepare for the fast-approaching Super Bowl, International Bible Society (IBS) Publishing is announcing the release of its football-themed "Path to Victory" New Testament featuring the testimonies of football greats including recently retired Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy and Super Bowl-bound quarterback Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals, whose team will face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL championship game on Feb. 1...

    The football edition of “Path to Victory,” one of six sports-themed outreach products, combines the Today's New International Version (TNIV) Bible translation with 32 pages of full-color inserts and first-person stories of professional football players testifying to the power of Scripture to bring life change.

    In addition to Dungy and Warner, the new sports-themed product includes the testimonies of Minnesota Vikings safety Michael Boulware, Atlanta Falcons placekicker Jason Elam, former Carolina Panthers defensive back Mike Minter, and Indiana Colts punter Hunter Smith....
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    Re: Pro-Football Stars Featured in New Bible Product

    I have a sports Bible.
    The cover kind of looks like a football and it is filled with testimonials.
    I like it a lot.

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