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    Sometimes things happen in life that put football in perspective... unfortunately, I've recently encountered such an event and I would just like to request everyone's best wishes.

    My best friend from High School gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on January 31st, 2013... but unfortunately they lost her on February 8th due to complications.

    I'm not really looking for sympathy or trying to make sense of this... just hoping the great people that are Vikings fans can send their love to my friend who resides in the Pittsburgh area.

    I realize we just bullsh*t about sports on this site, but I'm hoping we as Vikings fans can show how much more we are than simply football fans. Please send your love: Sweet Lila - This site is dedicated to the memory of Lila Rupinsky

    I've been dealing with this my own way... but it's been tough for me to pray to any sort of "God" that would create a universe that would allow this to happen.

    Anyways, thanks for the support guys. I honestly feel like you are all some of the greatest people an a-hole like me could stumble upon... please keep my friend in your prayers.

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