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    Re: Prank Calls To C-Span

    "FreakinVikingsBaby" wrote:
    "cogitans" wrote:
    Isn't that just more stupid than funny. Seriously does it not take you more than someone saying pen*s of fu*k in a call in to laugh.
    Combined with it being live tv and the reactions on their face, and no I don't need anymore to laugh.
    Sorry if I came of sounding like an idiot. Probabaly not the most intelligent post I've written.

    I guess you can't discus humor anyway.

    Just laugh it up everyone.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Prank Calls To C-Span

    Naw u didn't. Plus, I never really take anything serious online-other than the rumors.
    Wait, if there's cat food in this bag............................

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