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    PPO's Self-Appointed Theatre Critic on Avenue Q in London..

    I was going to do this yesterday, but frankly I was hung over and extremely tired all day, hence my lack of posts. Anyway..

    A friend and I were fortunate enough to choose a blissfully sunny and bright Saturday. The Noel Coward Theatre is just off Leicester Square tube station, so we were in no rush, and after seeing Ghana beat the Czech Republic we made our way to the theatre and set about getting ourselves acclimatised. Unfortunately, unlike when I saw The Producers late last year, you couldn't order drinks for the interval (which I really enjoyed doing because you avoid the rush at the bar entirely), but after a couple of cocktails (basically screwdrivers with a twist) and laughing at the passers-by from the second-floor balcony (with a myriad of jokes and observations a little too blue for this forum :razz the bell rang for the Curtain and we rushed inside to get our seats. Needless to say, I know theatre seats. BEST. VIEW. IN. THE. HOUSE. Baby.

    Surely if I'm reviewing the show I really should talk about the show itself, right? Well just before that, I have to say the theatre was, like most theatres in London, very, very, classy. I mean velvet everywhere, gold fixtures, and a gold (plated I assume) statue of two cherubs; one with a horn and one with a drum, but I digress..

    Anyway; the show! I'll try not to spoil it here but I'll have to mention some plot points if I want to talk about it! The show started with the "Avenue Q Theme" being played and sung while two television screens came down from the rafters and were used to give a visual aspect to the song and help move things along. The curtain then raised and we get our first look at the set and character of Princeton. The set was great, and as the majority of the show takes place on the aforementioned 'Avenue Q' (only one song takes them away from the 'Avenue') it almost serves as a character in the story.

    The first song, "What Do You Do With A B.A In English? / It Sucks To Be Me", introduces us to all the characters. Now, the first thing that impressed me was the co-ordination of the actors to sing, move around and dance AND manipulate their puppets so effectively. For me, Jon Robyns (who played both Princeton and Rod), Simon Lipkin (who played Nicky, Trekkie Monster and one of the "Bad Idea Bears"), and Julie Atherton (who played Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut) were brilliant. Simon Lipkin really enjoyed playing the Trekkie Monster puppet, he played it for laughs and hit every single line with perfect timing. There were even a couple of times he held out just a little longer than you suspect the script called for, but he got the audience laughing early and played us like a fiddle. One moment in particular stands out during the song "The Internet Is For Porn" where he held a gag for what felt like 30 seconds without a line, only twitching his hand so Trekkie Monster was shaking while he tried to response to a comment from Kate Monster, and it had the audience in stitches! Julie Atherton had the hardest parts in the show, as there were moments when both the characters she voiced were on stage, with her holding one and another actress holding another, while Julie had to voice a character that was at the other end of the stage. Thing is, it was co-ordinated perfectly. That impressed me greatly. Best voice though, for me, was Jon Robyns. I don't know quite what it was, but he was on fire, nailed every line with perfection, especially as he had the two male characters who went through the most emotional changes in the show. He had the comedy down perfectly, he played the jokes brilliantly, and he managed to bring the emotion of the later songs to the fore through his character voices without it seeming forced or trivial.

    For me, this was a very good show (the music, lyrics and book were perfect for the type of show this is) made better by a great cast, which is fantastic because the producers went to a lot of unknown's in the West End world to get their cast for this show.

    And just to add: I'm not gay.

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    Re: PPO's Self-Appointed Theatre Critic on Avenue Q in London..

    lmao, thanks for the breakdown. Sounds like fun times.

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    Re: PPO's Self-Appointed Theatre Critic on Avenue Q in London..

    "Benet" wrote:
    And just to add: I'm not gay.
    Somehow we knew that Benet. :lol:

    "acclimatised" ??? That's a new one to me. I LIKE IT !! I've added a new word to my vocabulary.

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