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    PPO's Offical " Blast from the past !

    Not sure how this will go over but, I thought it would be fun and something new for the members to share here, post a pic of something to do with PPO, and or, it's memebers. Try to keep it at lest one year old or older....

    I'll start off with these two pics and great memories for me.....

    How can I not start with my dear friend "Singer". Because of PPO we met, and have grown to be like brothers. Your a bigger part of my life than you know Singer....Thanks !

    This one still cracks me up..LMAO Dam you Singer !!!!!


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    Re:PPO's Offical " Blast from the past !

    What a interesting idea for a thread my long lost friend.....

    I will get something up when I get home either tonight or tomorrow night as most of the PPO memories are hosted on photobucket and I can't get to it at work.....

    Damn firewall.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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